Our Programs

Each of our classrooms is a stepping stone, preparing your child for the next step up, and ultimately preparing them to blast off into Kindergarten. Our classrooms follow a themed curriculum, tailored to the children’s age and developmental level. The curriculum lays out the foundation of each child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth. Every month has a fun and exciting new theme, which all of the lessons revolve around. Each month also focuses on a different set of letters, numbers, colors and shapes, and introduces the children to Spanish and American Sign Language. Every day is filled with fun and learning! At the end of each day, parents will receive a daily report, summarizing your child’s day. Daily reports will include information like how well your child ate and napped, along with a summary of the day’s lessons and fun activities. Please click on your child’s age group from the menu on the right to learn more about a specific program.

We also offer all of our children free Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack. Infants receive free formula and baby food purees.